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I’ve spent much of my life mired in the “what-ifs” without realizing that the what-if isn’t a far off pipe dream – it’s more than a possibility, it can be my reality. Michelle has helped transform the way I look at and interact with the world. Instead of limiting myself with restrictive beliefs, I now feel confident in my ability to achieve whatever I want in my life. Michelle has given me real-world tips and easy-to-use techniques to help create my own joy. Thank you!
My cord cutting experience with Michelle was very freeing! Although, I was not sure just what to expect from the process, I was excited about the prospect of it, and felt very easy and peaceful during the actual cord cutting. Afterwards, I felt noticeably lighter and whole in a way I have not felt in a long time. I also slept very soundly that night as if something heavy had been lifted from me. It was most assuredly beneficial, and I highly recommend trying it.
The connection Michelle and I have as coach/coachee and teacher/student is divinely guided. From the moment we first spoke, I intuitively knew she would be instrumental in my spiritual journey. Over the past 4 years Michelle has supported me fully in my spiritual growth, in expressing my true self and in helping me heal disempowering thoughts and beliefs. With her guidance, I more fully discovered my authentic self, stepped into my light and created a business that nourishes my soul and allows me to serve. Michelle’s newest technique, Belief, Trauma and Life Lesson Integration, has proven to be quite effective. I’m busting through major blocks and growing at an exponential rate. I highly recommend Michelle as a coach, spiritual guide and mentor
Janelle Buchheit,
With Michelle’s gentle and compassionate guidance, I have been able to not only identify some of my more ingrained blocks, but face them and either manage them to my benefit, or eliminate them all together. Michelle has helped me gain a new perspectives and to view the world through a different lens so that so that I can stay true to who I am and to honor my value system regardless of where I am and who I interact with. Michelle’s honest, caring and insightful style guided and encouraged me to find confidence from within and to open doors for myself. Thank you for all your healing gifts!
Michelle, you certainly have a genuine gift for helping others to step into their greatness.Coaching with you has been truly life-affirming.From the very first session, I felt that a door had been opened for me.Just the right timing and your coaching support with asking me the perfect questions helped me to really take the actions I needed to pursue a long-time dream and stepping into my own inner light in sharing my gifts with those I could help in return.Many blessings for all you do and in supporting others to uncover the possibilities… – With Love and Gratitude
Nachhi R,

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By | September 9th, 2015|Alignment, All Blogs, Conscious Creation, Vibration|

Have you ever noticed the vibration level of our standard greetings?  They start off so well meaning, but the result in most cases are pretty rote, often lacking depth or connection. And if you are like most older souls, then this lack of depth and connection can be quite frustrating, making parties and events where small-talk abounds [...]

Understanding Yourself as a Vibrational Being

By | September 3rd, 2015|All Blogs, Conscious Creation, Vibration|

Understanding yourself as a vibrational being in a vibrational universe is a critical aspect of Conscious Creation and Awakening from the Soul Perspective. From the soul’s perspective, you begin to understand more deeply than ever that you are much more vibration than matter. Through this lens, you consciously choose to create every aspect of your life [...]

Spiritual Tip – Daily Morning Intention

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Spiritual Tip - Daily Morning Intention As most of you know, I am quite a fan of intention setting as a regular spiritual practice.  I have found setting intentions on a regular basis extremely powerful in laying the vibrational groundwork for a successful year, month and even day in my life and in the lives [...]

Taking Inner Action First is Like Lighting a Candle in the Dark

By | March 1st, 2014|Alignment, All Blogs, Co-Creation, Conscious Creation, Intention Setting/Affirmations, Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Vibration|

Taking Inner Action First is Like Lighting a Candle in the Dark A nice metaphor came through me the other day while talking with one of my clients about the benefits of taking inner action before outer action when wanting to manifest something.  So, I thought I would share it here as it may be [...]

Ask Coach Michelle – Did I miss my chance?

By | December 15th, 2013|Alignment, All Blogs, Manifestation, Soul Learning/ Spiritual Insights, Universal Law/Truth, Vibration|

Ask Coach Michelle - Did I miss my chance? Dear Coach Michelle, As I am learning more about conscious creation from what you teach, I am realizing how much my negative beliefs can affect my ability to line up with what I want.  I also wonder about how that works with the soul plan you [...]

The Awakening Soul Reframe of Business/Marketing Language

By | September 13th, 2013|Alignment, All Blogs, Business/Work Life, Vibration|

 The Awakening Soul Reframe of Business/Marketing Language The other day I was having an interesting discussion with a fellow coach, Janelle Buchheit of New Heights Coaching, about the power of words.  We were exploring the awareness that many of the words in our society have a lot more weight to them than just letters. For [...]

Recommended Reading – 14 Success Strategies For Highly Sensitive People

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Recommended Reading - 14 Success Strategies For Highly Sensitive People If you read through last week's blog and took some time to review the 23 signs that you are a highly sensitive person by Edward Mills, and, like me, you answered each question with something like "Yup! That's me!", "Yup. That one too.", than you can [...]

Dear Coach Michelle – Managing a toxic work environment

By | August 11th, 2013|Conscious Creation, Limiting Beliefs, Manifestation, Meditation/Centering, Vibration|

Dear Coach Michelle - Managing a toxic work environment Dear Coach Michelle, I have been following you for a while and practicing all the principles you teach.  I am becoming such a conscious creator in many areas of my life.  I'm taking better care of my body and the results are showing, I'm choosing more [...]

Putting words to conscious partnership

By | March 3rd, 2013|Conscious Creation, Intention Setting/Affirmations, Relationships, Soul Learning/ Spiritual Insights, Vibration|

Putting words to conscious partnership Want to call in an intimate partner that is not just good on the eyes, but also good on the soul?  Conscious partnerships are about more than just companionship and support.  They are about being the catalyst for each other's individual and collective growth.  In these relationships, both people are [...]

The hazards of awakening

By | February 24th, 2013|All Blogs, Awakening, Health, Self Care, Soul Learning/ Spiritual Insights, Vibration|

The Hazards of Awakening When I was young I could eat almost anything.  I loved being in big crowds and riding roller coasters.  I could read in the back of a car on a windy road without a thought.  I was a pretty hardy kid.  Even through college I actually prided myself on my toughness. [...]

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